Privacy Policy

Consent to Services and Information Collection

Using the Greensboro Junk Car Buyers website and our online services means you are giving consent to let us collect, retain, utilize, and potentially disclose personal information as outlined by the policy below. Aside from conflicts with local, state, or federal laws or regulations, this policy will govern the use of your information. Keep in mind that the law shall always preside above all.

How We Obtain, Use, and Protect Your Information

There are three ways that we collect information. The first is by user submission (you) which includes name, current address, phone number, e-mail address, social network IDs, and vehicle information. The second is automatically via online or technological services. Automatic information includes information provided by the process of using the internet – like IP address and connection and equipment identifiers. Lastly, we receive information from third part contributors. This information or other wide sector information is usually primarily collected via cookies and social media. 

‌At Greensboro Junk Car Buyers, we only use your personal information to generate an online account, accept inquiries for services or technical support, contract affiliated third parties for requested services, and to complete service requests. All reasonable measures have been taken to protect your information. It is safely stored on a secure portion of our servers that is only accessible by authorized employees. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your information, call us at (336) 560-9817.

The Choice to Opt Out

While creating your account, you will have multiple opportunities to opt out of supplementary services, including our newsletter. If you’ve opted in and decide later on that you’d like to opt out, you reserve the right to revoke permission to use your personal information at any time.

Associated Third Party Sites

We do not control the websites of our associated third parties. As such, we are not responsible for access to or use of your personal information on those sites.

Policy Updates

We may, with or without prior notice, change the terms of the Greensboro Junk Car Buyers Privacy Policy. Any policy changes will be posted to our website and on the policy page. Please check the website and your account details regularly to stay informed.